The Colony of Delaware.

facts from the story:

In the 1960, Henry Hudson sailed a ship which was called the Half Moon, into a river now would be known as the Hudson River.

Beaver hats were very popular in Europe around the 1600's. These hats were a lot of money, but a good hat would probably last for 50 years!! Which is cool for me.

The countries of the Netherlands and Sweden both wanted to own Delaware because of its furs, food, and timber. Then in 1651 the Swedes owned or was in charge of the colony. So, Sweden was in charge of Delaware.

In 1664, King Charles of England that he wanted the colony of Delaware for England. Then the Kings brother, which is James, sailed all the way to Delaware to claim Delaware.

In the 1609, an explorer which was named Henry Hudson found the place & soon will name it Delaware. He wanted this land to get to Europe to Asia to buy some spices.

In the 1700s, most of the colonists in Delaware on small farms & raised pigs, cows, & chickens. Other people kind of had fancy houses, with little dutch doors which opened up at the top. These houses were my favorite, they were really cool to me & were pretty interesting.

So, some colonists in Delaware and all the other colonists wanted to make their own laws & wanted to be free from the England's control. So in 1776, each colony sent a couple of men to Philadelphia if these colonists should be able to fight for freedom from England.

So, 30 Dutchmen began there first settlement in Delaware, then in 1631 they named it Zwaanendael.

Today, the people in Delaware still remember their states past or history. The old log cabins that were built by the settlers still stand at Fort Christina. Which is really cool, & has some stuff to remember their past.

fun facts:

The Dutch did do skating & brought donuts& snow sleds to the Colonial Delaware.

Also, they really liked to play games after the kids done their all their work and lessons they would play games like Blind man's bluff, leapfrog, & cat's cradle. So they still liked to cool games back them even though they had chores& lessons.

by: Isabella Mayhorn (:


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