The Reservoir By: Michael Gallagher

The sun was sweltering hot beating down on us and a few of my friends and I were all talking about something to do, when we finally decided on an idea it was risky but in our minds it was something to do.

Next thing you know we were heading into the woods with nothing but fishing rods and bikes the two worst things to bring, we started to travel through the woods on reservoir property although at this point we being a little more careful. When we got on the beach area me and a one of my friends started to go fishing, one of my friends started to swim and the last kept watch because he did not want to be there at all, after he rammed into a guardrail by accident on the way there.

About an hour had past when we started to hear a car it was faint but we could just make out the sound once it got closer we knew were it was coming from and sure enough on the other side of the reservoir was a cop driving to our spot. Instead of running we stayed until the only thing separating us was a chain link fence, about 25 feet of cement on the ground and water, lots and lots of water. So he started on his radio and calls for his partner to come and about two minutes later officer number two is at our spot in his silver 2016 Ford Explorer with the town of Cumberland symbol on the side . So we started to bike away but a car against a bike the car will win so we had to go through the woods and a few people's property one I specifically remember this old lady that we will name High Ho Silvia and she told us “If you don’t get off my lawn I call the authorities, we found it a little funny because they are already after us. We got pretty far when my friend realized his backpack is on the beach because when he was swimming he put it down and forgot it. So the ultimate decision had me standing in shock I remember think the worst outcome of getting caught but I had to make a decision, either go home or get the bag.

I chose get the bag and at this moment I just made the ultimate sacrifice, so me and him pedaled as fast as we could to get the bag on the beach while my other two friends headed home, when we got to the bag we immediately grabbed it and five minutes later we were finally we were off the reservoir property away from the cop. And what a relief I think to myself until we are heading home and a police officer started to give us a suspicious look and I don’t blame him, we were breathing heavy and have a bunch of fishing equipment near the only fishing spot in a few miles. We gave him a friendly wave and carried on home when we got home we talked about our experience.

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