Branches of the Government By: Alex simpkins

Legislative Branch

The Legislative branch is made up with two houses of congress. One house of the legislative branch is the Senate. And the second house in the legislative branch is the House of Representatives.


  • There are 100 senators in the Senate
  • There are 2 senators for each State
  • They are elected every 6 years
  • Must be 30 years old to become one
  • You have to live in the state you represent
  • You have to be a U.S. citizen for at least 9 years
  • They also approve presidential appointments

House of Representatives

  • There are 435 representatives in the house
  • Each state has a different number of representatives depending on its population
  • States with more people get more representatives
  • You must be 25 years old, and been a U.S. citizen for 7 years
  • You must live in the state you represent
  • The Speaker of the House is what they call the leader of the House of Representatives
  • The people in the house elect the person who they want to be leader
  • They represent their State for 2 years

Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch is made up of courts. The supreme court is the highest court in the U.S.

Supreme Court

  • More than 7,500 cases are sent here each year, and only 80 to 100 cases are accepted each year
  • If people get to supreme court that means they are challenging the constitution
  • Before the case gets accepted to supreme court the court has to decide if the case is challenging the law
  • The supreme court has 9 justices, and one is the chief justice
  • The chief of justice gets appointed by the President and are approved by the Senate
  • The justices have their job for their whole life unless they retire, resign, or are impeached by the house and are convicted by the senate

Executive Branch

The Executive branch is the President, Vice President, Cabinet.


  • The President nominates us and we have to get elected by at least 51 senators
  • There are 15 depamartmants in it
  • This group includes the Vice President
  • The Cabinet members advise the President
People in the U.S. Cabinet

Some Secretary members in the Cabinet

  • Vice President of the U.S. - Joseph R. Biden
  • Department of State - John Kerry
  • The Department of the Treasury - Jack Lew
  • Department of Defense - Ashton Carter
  • Department of Justice - Loretta E. Lynch
  • Department of the Interior - Sally Jewell
  • Department of Agriculture - Thomas J. Vilsack
  • Department of Commerce - Penney Pritzker
  • Department of Labor - Thomas E. Perez
  • Department of Heath and Human Services - Sylvia Matthews Burwell
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