Storyboarding Illustrate a Comic

Learning Targets

  1. Define “illustration.”
  2. Learn about the illustration style of J. J. Krosoczka.
  3. Illustrate a single page of a comic book in the style of J. J. Krosoczka.

The Lunch Lady Series

Look Inside

What do you notice about his style?

  1. Yellow
  2. Curves
  3. Food-related gadgets

Your turn

What story are we illustrating? What is an amoeba, and who is Nurse Lady?

An amoeba is a microscopic germ that can make people very sick.

If we are going to draw them, we need to know what they look like. What different parts of the amoeba can you see?


Start by filling in your name and teacher’s name.

Begin with the end in mind. Write a story plan before you draw.

Then, lay out the images in chronological order. The boxes provided are only a guide. If you need to, you can combine them to make a larger illustration, or split them into even smaller boxes. Whatever works best with your story.

Created By
Noel Newquist


Created with images by TeroVesalainen - "success goal target" • Francisco Venâncio - "Infermeiro - Saúde" • Ani Kolleshi - "Eye contact." • Online Marketing - "Doctor with a stethoscope" • The New York Public Library - "1939 - Farm Security Administration (FSA) camp at Farmersville, Tulare County, for migratory agricultural laborers. Migratory boys come to the clinic for attention of the resident nurse of the Agricultural Workers' Health and Medical Association (FSA). Photographer - Dorothea Lange " • Berzin - "ambulance doctor medical" • Hush Naidoo - "Vital test"