Florida Museum of Natural History Spark Story By Maris Kenny

Introduction: The Florida Museum of Natural History was an enjoyable experience overall. The vast variety of butterflies were beautiful. The cool weather added to the overall feel and enjoyment of the visit. I am, however, terrified of butterflies so walking around in the actual exhibit was kept to the bare minimum.

Outside of the museum.

Nature on Display: I found the Wall of Wings exhibit the most appealing. The gigantic exhibit was a great way to show just how many types of butterflies and moths there are in the world. The number of individual names are overwhelming. I was drawn to the wall of wings the most because I didn't have to interact with the live butterflies.

Monarch Butterfly [Danaus plexippus] (stock photo)

Nature and Ethics: The key to 'loving, respecting, and admiring,' the land as Leopold states, is to understand and analyze the object of those actions. The museum and its exhibits do a very good job of educating its visitors on what is presented which in turn helps the people that visit feel closer to nature; more connected to the natural world that we all live in. With butterflies which are such delicate creatures that live such short lives it was interesting to be able to see so many different species. The museum instilled in me a greater urge to protect and care for our planet and its creatures.

Outside the exhibit

Nature and the Human Spirit: For me, the museums in general make me feel small in the world. Museums make time move more slowly and provide a space for contemplation and relaxation. Going into the butterfly rainforest was one of those moments that makes you feel so small and connected to nature that you forget about the rest of the world for a little bit (except for the fact that the butterflies were absolutely terrifying). It's funny to feel that way when the things that you feel little in comparison to are so tiny themselves.

Inside the canopy


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