Leadership log BY sara alaei

The leadership practices and behaviours I will be focussing on...

I want to be able to guide people, to be able to show them my vision and my way of looking at a problem and solving it. This requires me to be confident, humble and open-minded. There are many actions I can take in order to improve myself in these areas such as socialising with different people, looking at things in a different perspective, public speaking, or things as simple as doing small group activities that remind us of our goals and path that incorporate leadership.

Where in my life can I take action?

There are many opportunities in life where leadership can be shown by a person. It can be a small thing such as leading a group in a class activity or something as important as being able to represent your school in front of thousands of people. I try to cease any oppportunity I am provided with to be able to develop my skills and mindset as a person. I hope to one day be able to set a legacy in this world like many others before me have done.

I want to be known as a person who...

I want be known as a person who stands out form the crowd and inspires others to be what they want to be and follow their dreams. My ultimate goal as a leader is to inspire others. To support and incorage them to achieve more than they ever thought they could. I want to set and example and to make a difference in this world.

I want to be remembered as a leader who...

I want to be remebered as a leader who made a difference, who set and example and who inspired others. I want to remind people of the great things they can accomplish and the changes they can make if they worked as a team. I want to encourage team work and team effort as there is nothing more important to me than being able to collaborate and share ideas in a nurturing environment.

Arising opportunities

There are many opportunities that will be arising in the coming week at school. School is a great environment for students like me to develop leadership skills as there are many events that promot them. Simple tasks such as leading a group in class or talking in front of assemblies and presenting infront of people are the little things that build up to give you the experience you need to become a great leader and these activities also boost confidence allowing you to achieve your goals.

Fully understanding leadership practices

I understand that any good leader needs to follow their vision in order to succeed, however I find it difficult to comprehend, in how I can find my own vision. I would like to have a deeper understanding about the different types of visions and how it can be created. I also found that I need to have a more in depth understanding of how to be inspiring to others. Is there any practicing required to be able to inspire? Or is it just about making yourself relatable to others?


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