Meet Finley Age 4, Auditory Neuropathy

She knelt on the hardwood floor, examining the cardboard pieces scattered in front of her.

Finley needed a few more pairs that fit together to complete the puzzle – a 24-piece box set that showed Minnie Mouse in a pink polka dot dress holding a microphone in the air.

She leaned forward to grab a piece, her wavy-haired ponytails swinging toward her forehead and exposing the cochlear implants attached underneath.

“I got one, I got one,” she squealed, holding up two pieces.

“Good job, baby,” her mom, Madeline replied.

A 4-year-old puzzle master -- as her parents call her -- Finley began whizzing through puzzles shortly after she learned to walk. Sometimes, she’d even do them flipped over with the picture facing the ground.

“She could do puzzles that were multiple years beyond her age,” said Finley’s dad, Steven. “She had this laser focus.”

As a toddler, there was no noise to distract her. No sound of someone calling her name, a television show or song to shift her focus.

“We’d sang her a million-and-one songs trying to put her to bed or rock her to sleep at night, and she’d never heard any of it,” Madeline said. “She’d never even heard us say, ‘I love you.’”

Check back in September to read Finley's full story and learn how your support is life-changing and life-saving for children like her.

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