National Music Day And why we should celebrate it. By: Paige humble

On this day, National Music Day, everyone would get a day off. They would get to listen to any music at all, for the whole day. They would get to stay home from work or school. All of the musicians would also get a day off. They would get to take a day off from the stress of fame.

Let's be honest, everyone likes some kind of music. On this holiday everyone would be happy, as Music is a great stress-reliever. I beleive it would put a smile on everyone's face, including yours. These are just some of the reasons we, as a people, should celebrate National Music Day.

This Holiday would be celebrated on February 2nd, in honor of my best friend. She loves music and this date is her birthday. You'll rarely see her without headphones on. So I'd like to dedicate this day to her. To her and all the other music lovers out there.

Fun Facts....

1. There are very few things that utilizes the entire brain, and music is one of them.

2. Playing music regularly will physically alter your brain structure.

3. Album sales in a particular genre of music go up as the music gets simpler.

4. Cows produce more milk when listening to relaxing music.

5. The affect of music is so powerful, it makes your dopamine levels soar, causing you to be happy.

6. Music has been found to have overall positive effects on pain management.

7. Music was sent down a telephone line for the first time in 1876, the year the telephone was invented.

8. The harmonica is the worlds best- selling instrument

9. A single violin is made of over 70 individual pieces of wood.

10. American composer John Cage composed a work in 1952 entitled 4'33", which consists of four minuets and thirty- three seconds of silence.

In conclusion, National Music Day is a holiday that I would like to create. Unlike other holidays, it appeals to almost everyone. A holiday like National Student Day would only apply to a certain group of people, and many would be left out. So, I'd like to make this holiday a reality, for the benefit of everyone.

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