Do the Chinese Really Eat Dog? By: Kole Halphin

To Many People it is a Mystery of Whether or Not the Chinese Eat Dog

The way of the Chinese food culture is unknown to some, but through research many will find out that the citizens of southern China regularly consume dog in restaurants and at home, where there are farms created just to raise the dogs for their meat.

The City of Yulin (Outlined in Red) is 252 miles west of Hong Kong.

One well known occasion of dog consumption, is the annual Yulin Festival (Seen above)=where visitors have been known to consume up to 10,000 or more dogs every year at the festival alone. The festival began in 2010 to celebrate summer solstice.

Dogs locked in cages prior to the Festival

Americans as well as many other cultures like many of Africa, Mexico, and Canada, do not participate in this tradition, nor do they support it. Knowledge of the festival has created backlash and many stereotypes about all of China. This is due to the high amount of cruelty, and lack of hygiene and regulation of the industry. In addition, many of the animals are former/stolen house pets who still have their collars, which are sent hundreds of miles in small, water less, food less cages.

The government has had some effect on the event, not allowing its employees to attend the festival and closing down some shops and slaughter houses.

The people of America and other non-supportive countries are strongly unsupportive of this way of life. But will the US accept their culture? Because of the history of each country and their uncommon beliefs, it is hard to ever see either side adapting to the other.

However, there are multiple other known countries that have adapted their culture. Such as Vietnam, Switzerland, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Korea, and Antarctica. The most common type of dogs found are Labradors and Cocker Spaniels, which are commonly former house pets when a family consumes them.

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