CLEAN POWER ACT IN DANGER Created by: Lindsey DeVore

On November 25th, 2016, a New York Times science article was released, written by Henry Fountain, detailing what President-elect Trumps' presidency means for President Obama and his climate change legacy. Many things that President-elect Trump vowed to do during his campaign he has now backed off of. Though President-Elect Trump seems set on plans to back out of many environmental acts put together a joined by President Obama and his administration. Many believe President-Elect Trump and his new administration are pushing how much they can get done especially in the small amount of time they say they can do it in. Fountains article goes into numerous examples of Trumps plans and how the plans to execute abandoning these acts and why. Fountain makes it very clear by the end of the article that if President-elect Trumps' administration achieves what they say they are, then the earth will be in serious trouble.

Upon President-Elect Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States, President Obama's climate change legacy is in danger. An important legacy, one of many, is the Clean Air Act and Trump hopes to destroy it.

President Obama, In December at the Climate Talks in Paris with other countries leaders.

President Obama has been world leader in helping to stop global climate change. He has challenged other world leaders to pay attention to the harm being done the world and to step up and work on preventing any further damage to our environment before it is too late.

President Obama has been working vigorously to help reduce carbon emission from coal burning power plants. In January, when President-Elect Trump takes office, all of Obama's work could be ruined; his global climate change legacy gone.
Trump has vowed to dismantle many of the signature policies put in place by the Obama administration to fight the effects of climate change.

I found this article very important considering what has happened involving President-elect Trump becoming the 45th president. For my first SCRAPES Project I wrote about HFC's released by air conditioners and the Paris climate change meeting that President Obama went to. I was fascinated by all that President Obama has accomplished and then to see this article saying everything he has accomplished is in jeopardy, is a big deal. Climate change is more important than increasing our RGDP and growing our economy. If we don't take better care of our environment someday humans will struggle to live on earth due to more drastic weather, extreme heat, extreme colds, risen sea levels, loss of crops due to weather changes, toxic air , etc. Climate change needs to be seen as the biggest problem i n the world right now. President Obama has done a good job finding solutions to climate change on a global scale and Trump is planning to hurt this.

If people do not start acting on climate change, and President-Elect Trump really does what he says he is going to do, and backs out of the Clean Air Act (etc.) then this is what will happen:

If Climate change is not stopped and global warming continues, which it will if President-Elect Trump does not re-evaluate his plans then flash floods will become stronger, more dangerous, and more deaths will occur.
Not only will flooding increase due to more dangerous storms, but weather will be more drastic. Droughts will be more extreme leading to food and water shortages. This shortage will lead to water prices and food prices to increase due to increased demand. So though President-Elect Trump is trying to focus on our economy he needs to stay focused on continuing President Obama's work because President Obama's work is detrimental the the health of future generations of kids.
Not only will Climate change negatively and drastically impact humans but also every other living thing on earth. Photographers form all over the world are taking photos in and near the poles of Polar bears and other species struggling to adapt and survive. Their habitats are melting and are being destroyed. With President-Elect Trump planning to back out of many environmental acts, we will be stepping backwards rather then coming together on a global scale to work towards stopping any further damage to our environment.
The world will be dramatically changed and the damage will be irreversible in a century from now if nothing is achieved to stop climate change.


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