During this week we focused on the community you constantly find yourself in, how that community can support you and take you to heights you could never achieve on your own, what is your authentic role in your church community and what does God say about community and its importance.

We start of the week by challenging your view on what you see as church and how that view was shaped, by doing a practical challenge and asking you to form your own congregation based on your current view on The Church and how it functions. This is a very interesting challenge where things of past experiences with churches comes to the surface. We then start off with a session that shows us that church is not the building, but it’s the community and us as people who come together, to grow and learn more of The Fathers Heart.

“The Church is not an institution forcing us to follow rules but a community inviting us to still our hunger and thirst at its table.” – Henri Nouwen

The week continues to take us to a place of understanding that we are the hosts of God’s presence and that hosting Him is a choice, and that we cannot be without Him. Christ is in you for your sake, but He is upon you for others sake. Once we step into relationship with God, we accomplish greatness!!!

The week continues to look at the different aspects of the church such as, the church as family, as Army and as a body. Through these topics we learn about how dependent we are on God and that we have been given lordship in Him, so that we may reign over all circumstance that comes over our path.

May you always remember that you are first created in His image and that your everyday life will flow from that understanding, that you may have life and have it in full!! That you will be a blessing to those around you, because you have been blessed by the Father first.

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Ziaane Van Heerden

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