On Friday, November 18, 2016, the holidays came early for New Dorp High School as they put on their annual winter pep rally. There was holiday music, holiday themed activities, and of course we were introduced to our winter sports. There was no doubt that New Dorp High School was loud as ever on that Friday as they proved to everyone just how much school spirit they all had. Activities at the rally included games where people had to pop balloons by sitting on them and students were given a quote from a Christmas movie and they had to guess what movie it was from. Performances included a dance number from our New Dorp dance team and from our flag twirlers. Our cheerleaders had the most spirit though, as at the beginning of the pep rally, they gave out free teachers by throwing them at the audience.

A few of New Dorp's dance team and students promoting their SING show that was being put on later that night

As the pep rally was going on, we had asked a few of our students, teachers and even team member what they think is great about their school's pep rally.

  • "It gets people hyped" - Tireek Cody, Senior, Boy's Varisty Track Team
  • "It's a great way for everyone to get to know and acknowledge the school's teams"  - Arjana Gjeshbitraj, Senior, Girl's Varsity Track Team
  • "It's a way to show school spirit" -New Dorp High School's Dance Team
  • "I think it's enjoyable and fun for the students who are both in it and watching it" -Mr. Anthony Orlando, English Teacher
  • "I feel that spirit levels go up as it gets everyone hyped. It's fun to watch the dancers and cheerleaders" -Jennifer Lopez, Senior
  • "It brings all of us together to see everyone's hard work in sports" -Samyi Artiles, Junior
  • "You get to see who's got talent" - Shadrach Sonie, Sophmore
  • "The mood feels fun" - Ralphael Trottman, Freshmen
  • "The school spirit is most important as everyone is here to support the school" -Brandon Alvarez, Senior, Boy's Varsity Wrestling Team
  • "I think it's great. We all get together as a community" -Coach Rudolph, Assistant coach of Boy's Varsity Basketball Team
  • "It's a good way to bring the school together and for the school to have fun" -Alexandria Colamaria, Senior, Cheerleader
  • "Gets people excited about their school sports" -Ms. Mahoney, English Teacher

At the end of the day, everyone had a lot of fun and the spirit in New Dorp High School was definitely alive. Though I have no doubt that the Cougars won't disappoint when the spring pep rally comes around.


Video Footage by: Jessica Marcovecchio Photos: Taken by: Samyi Artiles Video Edited by: Kyle Collesano

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