Rhinos By: Kayleigh Mccoy

The scientific name for a rhino is rhinocerotidae. White and black rhinos live in eastern and southern Africa in grasslands and the floodplains. In the swamps and rain forests of Northern India greater one horned rhinos live there.

Rhinos are generally not very social and tend to be independent whereas white rhinos are the more social ones. All rhinos are territorial of their space especially males.

Humans have many impacts on rhinos and a big one is human poaching. Rhinos are poached for the ivory in their horns and sold on the black market. Due to poaching rhinos are an endangered species. Another negative impact on rhinos caused by humans are habitat loss for human settlement.

Ways to reduce impact on rhinos are to not cut as many trees down or invade in their areas where they live, and try to put more of a stop on poaching.


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