A Magical Month To Brad

It all started when a girl asked a boy if that was Holiday Valley. He said yes.. He asked her to ski and go for pizza and gave her a hug.

They parted and the boy went to see his grandson and do boy things. The girl left and knew if the boy wanted her he would find her.

Then behold on a magical Mardi Gras day it happened...... the boy was skiing and drinking and before going home he decided to go inside. He saw lots of people and heard music from above. He climbed the stairs to see the band and to his amazement SHAZAM the girl was there. He was happy to see her and she was happy to see him.

They danced all night!

The girl and her friends even let the boy stay at the Edelweiss!

The boy and girl skied and had a marvelous time! They even rode the golden chair.

The boy made a dance floor and they danced and danced.

The boy was so exhausted !

The boy and girl continued to ski and fall in love.

It was magical.
Shot skiing
The boy and girl realized after one magical marvelous month...........

I Got You Babe!

Created By
Bridget Herod

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