stories of our town by Isaiah

these are story's of Aylmer taurarts and how we used to make food in Aylmer. read on if you are interested.

Did you know that there was a Carnation milk plant in Aylmer? The Carnation milk plant was rebuilt twice. The photo tells me the plant was built a long time ago because the car in the photo look's very old. Things are different now there is no evadents of the milk plant now. Elgin county archive. (1935) Carnation milk plant. Aylmer (1935) scott studio fond's. feb 23/ 2017 Elgin archives

Did you know that there was a fish and chip restaurant in Aylmer? It was on the corner of Talbot street and king street . I wonder what kind of fish they sold? I wonder if there is a clue about were the fish and chip restaurant was.maybe aylmer's population grew and more restaurant were built. 1979-017-0002, Aylmer Museum. postcard, March 1st/2017

Do you think Aylmer ate healthy in the eighteen hunderdes? the book showed us that people use to eat healthy long ago. These people stuff like egg milk pork and flour. Aylmer changed by trans porting more healthy food like carrots bean's, and other food's. maybe healthy food is why Aylmer's population has grown.

archive citation; aldrich's pocket directory of Aylmer. 1887.

We leaned that there use to be a fish and chip restaurant and a Carnation milk plant in Aylmer. But for now we will just think about why they don't make any more restaurant in Aylmer.

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