Aishah Zia WeLcome to Pakistan

My name is Aishah Zia

Picture of me!!!!!!!!

Some of my favorite foods...

Spring rolls

Spring rolls are cruNcy.and they can have things inside of them like vegtabeles.


Jalebi is dessErt.It's really jucy and the colors Are orange,yelloW and red.jalebi Is a little cruncy and really soft


Halva is a sweeT soft dessert. some times halva has different colors like orange, yellow, yellow orange and red.and you can put ALMONDS on them As a topping


Samoas are a light snack there soft and can have a lot of different things inside of them like vegtables,

Potato chips

Potato chips are a snack. They have potatoes inside Of. They are cruncy.


I loVe biryani its a tYpe oF rice. The color is mostly yellow.sometimes you can puT juIcY TOMATOES on yours.

Gulab Jamn

Gulab jamn is a dessert. Its very, very Juicy. If you want to you can put topings on yours. i like to puT almonds on mine.

I was born in micagan U.S.A.

American flag

My nationality is ,pakistany and sadi arabian

I speak english and urdu

Map of pakistan

My paRents came to aMeriCa because they wanted better life and jobs and also good education.

Picture of my dads family
This is a picture of me and my mom

My family tardions

Every eid morning me and My family go to a mosque to pray.And after were done we say eid mubarak to every one.after that me and my cousins family take turns inviting each other to eid brunch

I hope you Enjoyed learning about Some of my favorite foods, tRadItioN, and my family.

My nationality flags


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