The Dust Bowl

#1 The Dust Bowl was the biggest dust storm the United States has ever see

#2 The dust bowl was just as bad as the Great Deprecation because the dust made it so no one could grow food so with no money made it even harder.

#3 The Dust Bowl was created when farmers plowed there fields and left it for dust. Later the dust picked up and went all around the Texas area.

#4 After the main storm of the dust bowl ended it started to make jobs by making roads and planting trees.

#5 The Dust bowl made people have dust on their plates every morning.

#6 In the dust bowl when you awoke in the morning there would be a layer of dust on your sheets

#7 People that lived in the dust bowl had to cover their faces so that they would not get lung diseases

#8 Dust Bowls went through the wood of some peoples houses. Some people had to clean their room every day to get the dust out

#9 It was a practice to flip over your plates so that their would be no dust

#10 3,000 farmers were affected by the dust bowl

#11 This Dust Bowl took a decade for it to finish

#12 The Dust Bowl that had begun with drought of 1930 had lasted a decade throughout the 1930s until the last drought of 1940.

#13 There was no social safety net of welfare or relief programs at the start of the Great Depression

#14 Farmers had suffered hard times throughout the 1920's, before the droughts and the Dust Bowl, due to falling prices for their crops

#15 Many farmers moved from their homes because of the Dust Bowl.

#16 Most of the Farmers moved to California.

#17 Dust pneumonia was the disease that killed a good amount of people because of the dust that settles in their lungs.

#18 Farming during the dust bowl was impossible so finding food was hard

#19 Some people died because they had no food.

#20 Most people were really poor because of all the job lose and there was no jobs in farming.

#21 During the Dust Bowl most people made small villages out of cardboard call hovervils.

#22 While “black blizzards” constantly menaced Plains states in the 1930s, a massive dust storm 2 miles high traveled 2,000 miles

#23 people tried to put rockets in the air to make it rain.

#24 Some people made there house under the ground so that most of the dust cant get in.

#25 There were 14 dust storms in 1932 on the Great Plains

#26 The Dust bowl was a huge disaster

#27 The Dust bowl made farming impossible

#28 The Dust Bowl moved the most dirt in one storm ever

#29 The Dust Bowl also took place in the upper Nebraska area

#30 My grandpa that it still alive lived through the dust bowl


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