My First Hand Experience of the Divine Daniel Plattner

My Spatial Experience

My first experience of entering the Constans Theatre was in one word jaw-dropping. This was my first time ever inside this theatre and my first feel of this was jaw-dropping. The auditorium was huge and I was impressed on how the clean it appeared. I sat in the very front of the play on the right side. This allowed my experience to be enhanced, a lot more. I could easily see facial expressions, background characters, and see how characters would actually react to things going on in the play. This allowed me to understand the play in a deeper whole. I could see how the conditions ad settings were in this play by being so much closer and it allowed me the form the idea of how the play is and how it tried to explain the terrible work conditions of that era. With the lights being dimmed and the audience quieted it allows the tension to build in the play and allow for the drama of the play to connect with the audience. The role of place for the good life is making the best out of the situation one is in. The place one is that is all determined on how they make of the setting.

The Social Experience

I went to the performance with my friend Zack. We prepared for the play by asking people from last semester a quick overview of the play to get a quick overview of how the play would go. This allowed for us to get a better idea of what the true meaning of the play was. Being there with a friend allowed us to discuss our own thoughts on the play and I was able to build on my own opinion with his to get a collective understanding of how the play actually was. The role of the shared experience in the good life is sharing fond memories with people you appreciate. This allows you to develop a better understanding of how your friends think.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Seeing this play allows me to really appreciate where I am in my life currently. I don’t have any influences telling me what to do and my parents are fully behind me doing whatever I want to do. In the play the issue was how the working conditions for the lower class was terrible. Many kids were forced to work in terrible conditions and many families barely made enough to survive the week. I didn’t realize personally how bad it really was for the lower working class during that time period, until after the play I researched it. These conditions that the kids worked in were especially terrible and is gut wrenching to try and fathom that this was acceptable at a point in our history.

The Emotional Experience

The katharsis is seen in the play the Divine by the main character coming clean of what he actually did and his true feelings about he felt about everything. This not only was taking a burden off his shoulder personally but I feel that this symbolized a deeper metaphor of what the play actually was. I feel that the main character coming clean also symbolized the industrial industry starting its cleansing of the corruption that was occurring. It showed the flaws of how badly these people were treated and they deserved better. So in a way I see many similarities in how the events between how the main character progressed to the same progression to that of the working conditions of America.

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