Wanting to fight for what is right! By: April Kirk

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very influential man in our world. He fought for equal rights for people of any race or religion, and he helped unite our country at the cost of his own life. Martin Luther King stepped up to make a difference, when nobody else would. A big question that should be answered about MLK, is why? Why did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. feel like he needed to take matters into his own hands, opposed to letting other people fight for equality?
Martin Luther king Jr. lived a harsh childhood, as many African American people did. At this time, not everyone was treated with the same respect, depending on their race or religion. When he was a child, he had white friends who started to attend a different school than he did. Their parents didn’t let Martin play with his friends anymore, and Martin couldn't understand why he should be treated any differently that everyone else. Martin’s father was a minister, so following his father’s footsteps also lead him in a good direction in life.

Events like this, caused Dr. King to have a strong opinion about this topic from the start. Dr. King is a good example, of how the things you think, and the opinions that you have when you are a kid stick with you and cause you to have the same opinion in the future. This is also true for the kids that were against black people. Nobody is born racist, so what they were taught when they were a kid, affected their opinions in the future.

An example, is a quote from Time.com; “And, even if he didn’t always want to be a minister, it’s clear that his childhood shaped the rest of his life.” This answers the question of why Dr. King felt like he had to step up, before anyone else did to take a stand for what he believed in. It was because of the things that he learned and believed as a kid; the horrible experiences that stuck with him, and provided him with the ability to change the world.
The things that happen to you, that you might think are terrible right now, eventually make you who you are in the future.

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