3/10- We are doing a pop art accordion book and we were required to do 6 sketches inspired by an artist we learned about. I chose Roy Lichtenstein as inspiration so I mimicked his art in my sketches. After I finished all my sketches, I discovered that none of them would work because they all have a single subject matter. They also are too much like his own work. I am kind of mad about that but it is okay. I guess I'll just redrawn 3 of them.

3/14- Last class I looked up ideas for my new sketches because my first 6 didn't work. I didn't really come up with anything last class so I'll just brainstorm stuff this class. I might also go home and do some more research if I can't think of anything this class either. I don't really want to mimic any of the 6 artist we were supposed to research. I like their art but it is nothing I really want to do.

3/20- I decided that the pop artist I want to mimic is Hannah Hoch. Her art is made out of magazine clippings of different peoples faces that are mix-matched and pasted together. I know one of my sketches will be based off of her piece, Bouquet of Eyes. It is a collage of flowers and eyes and it is really cool. I am sure mine won't be even close to as good as hers but I will still try. We are expected to have the covers of our book done by next class and I don't think I will have it done.

3/22- Last class I cut out a bunch of eyes to paste to my project and today I will need to cut out flowers, find what to put as my background, and paste it all together by the end of today because it is due. Despite this, we get a 5 day grace period so I should be okay. All the flowers and plants I have cut out so far have been pink, green, or white. I have laid pieces of magazine onto the paper to see what it will look like before I glue and I think I like how it looks. I am going to come in for Husky Time and take it home so I will be able to finish it in time.

3/24- Two days ago during Husky Time, I worked on my project but I worked to the bell so I had to clean up really fast so I wouldn't be late to my next class. I didn't have anything glued down yet so I left it and hurried to my next class. My next class was outside so when I walked out the wind started blowing and it blew all the magazine clipping I did not have glued down away. Because of that I will need to cut out more magazine clips. I tried to get the same color scheme and use flowers like before but it didn't look as good as before and I couldn't find any magazines that had flowers in them.

3/28- After last class I gave up on using just pink, green, and white flowers and plants and decided to cut out and glue down anything that was organic like grass, leaves changing colors, etc. I am not very pleased with it. I colored the background a light brown and I don't like that either. During class I glued together another bouquet thing that has a pink color scheme but it looks weird for some reason and it is not even close to being as good as my first one. I have to work on this at home because it is due Thursday.

3/30- I finally finished. One of my bouquets ended up having no color scheme but still composed of things from nature and my other bouquet ended up being made up of mostly clippings of flowers that are pink. I also colored the background to one light brown and the other pink. I kind of am happy with one of the bouquets but the other one I don't really like. I am kind of disappointed with how they turned out but what matters is that I turned it in and I tried my best. I also started brainstorming for my pages of book.

4/3- I started on my collage today. I took red, turquoise-blue, and navy blue scrapbook paper and cut it into different sized circles and started arranging them on my paper. It is taking longer than I anticipated. After I arrange the circles, I need to add magazine clippings and maybe some paint. I really don't know what to cut out of magazines or what to put as the background. I will have to figure out before next class if I want to stay on track.

4/5- I began to cut out magazine clippings today. Most of class, I had no idea what I wanted to do so I just flipped through magazine. It got pretty boring after a while. Towards the last twenty minutes of class, I decided to go ahead and get it over with and I just started looking for items that were red, blue, or navy blue that I felt looked cool and would look good on my collage. I have a couple things already cut out like a red truck and a person dressed in navy.

4/7- I cut out the rest of my magazine clippings today and I also started gluing things down. Most of my clipping are pictures of people who are dressed in either navy, black or white. I set up everything on my paper so I can try to see where I want to put everything. I decided to just rip out pages of an Our State magazine and then glue them on the back, then I will glue down my collection of different color circles, and then I will glue down my magazine clippings. I started gluing down my background pages and some of my circles.

4/18- I finished gluing down everything down on to my paper. I also splattered blue and red paint on top of it all. I finished the front side of the book pages during the first 30 minutes of class and then I began to brainstorm the rest of the time. I hadn't originally had any ideas of what I was going to do for the second side when I was coming up with ideas for the first side. I will figure it out what I will do and then start next class.

4/20- I decided what I was going to do but I don't know how to explain it. I started by using a Popsicle stick to trace shapes onto magazines and then I cut them out. I took the shapes and glued them down in the way bricks are stacked on a wall. I also found a picture of person wearing glasses so I cut everything on the face and left the sunglasses, hair, and body. I found a good background to put that in front of. I began to glue things down how I wanted it.

4/24- I finished gluing down everything today. I am satisfied with the way it looks but I think that once I cut it up, glue it together, and then fold it, it won't look as good as it did before. I spent almost all of class gluing my magazine clippings down but I did get started with putting my book together. I measures my paper and marked off where to cut the paper into thirds. I cut the paper up and glued the ends together to make one long strand of paper. I will fold my paper up next class.

4/28- I begun this class by folding my piece of paper to make the book itself. Then I begun to put add-ons onto my book. I only was able to do one today because it took forever for me to do the first one. I was trying to poke holes though the paper with a needle when the paper was way too thick to do so. Eventually, I tried it with a push pin which worked better but it still took me a while to get started. Next class I will get more done.

4/4- Today I did the same thing this class as I did last class. I did some cutouts, added two pockets, and weaved one thing with string. I am not pleased with some of my cutouts because when I marked out where I was going to put them, they looked good but when I actually cut them out, they seemed kind of awkward and out of place. I am very pleased with a weaving I did with string. I weaved the string around half a person and stopped half way because I ran out of time. I will finish this first thing next class.

5/4- Today I added more cutouts. I started by finishing what I said I would finish. I weaved the string all the rest of the way around the person in my book. I also added a weaving with paper. I thought it was going to look good before I added it, but once I did, I really regret it. It looks like I just put it in the middle of the page for no reason and if I could change it, I probably would move it and find a spot more suitable. I am getting very close t being done and I should have it finished by next class.

5/8- Today I finished my project! I added some more popouts, cutouts, weavings, and more. I added these the first couple minutes of class and then I added my book covers that I originally had made. Overall, I am satisfied with the way it looks. I was afraid it was going to look bad because I had chosen a different artist than everybody else in the class had. if I were to change anything, i would go back and redo my book cover because I actually hate them and I am sick of having to look at them.


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