the lord of the rings is an amazing story about a hobbit named frodo who needs to go on a life threatening quest in order to save the place that he calls home
he must journey across middle earth to destroy a magical ring that makes anyone who puts it on completely invisible and also poisons the mind and makes you think you can not live without it. you throw aside everything just to be with the ring
the ring was given to him by his father Bilbo Baggins. he found the ring in a goblin cave the previous owner of the ring is a creature of an unidentified species his name is Golem.
golem went completely mad trying to stay with the ring and when bilbo found it golem tried to eat him
frodo gets help from gandalf, a wizard who is friends with frodo and Bilbo. he helps frodo through various parts of the story
frodo was also accompanied by samwise gamgee. he was forced to come with frodo because he was eavesdropping and got caught


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