Katie Lee Day

I believe that passion is one of the greatest things a person can have. I am a very passionate person, and I always have been. When I was a kid, I was always extrmeme. I was either all-in, or all-out. I put all of my time and energy into the things I was passionate about, and I'm still doing that to this day. I'm passionate about a lot of different things- like people, travel, sports, my religion, the relationships in my life, and getting the most enjoyment out of everyday.

My number one goal in life is to make everyone I come into contact with feel important. I think people are great, and they deserve to know just how great they are. I'm passionate about making people feel good about themselves! I love kids, and helping children see their worth is one of my number one priorities in life- because they will carry it with them as they grow.

My family and friends are extremely important to me. I come from a very large, tight-knit family. I have three older sisters and two older brothers! 'Y family and friends keep me grounded, laughing, and encourage me to be my best self. I'm very greatful that they're in my life!

My personal religion is Christianity. I'm very passionate about my relationship with Jesus. Everything about me flows out of this relationship I have with him!

I LOVE travel. The world is so big and beautiful, and I want to exploit it all!! I've studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in the summer of 2015. I've also visited London, Paris, Amsterdam, and the Dominican Republic. I cannot wait to keep exploring!

I grew up in a very athletic family and quickly found a love of sports. I played everything growing up, from basketball, tennis and softball- so did all of my brothers and sisters. I have a great appreciation for sports and want to continue that appreciate as I get older. I would like to have a career in sports broadcasting, so I can keep up with my love of sports!


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