Writing the Next Chapter The Windward School Strategic Plan 2019

Dear Windward Community Members,

The Board of Trustees has developed a dynamic, new Strategic Plan, Writing the Next Chapter, for The Windward School for the next five to seven years.

The Strategic Planning Committee engaged in a robust and detailed process to develop a new vision statement for The Windward School. With the vision and mission as a foundation, we created forward-looking objectives for facilities, faculty and staff members, communications, technology, governance, and finance. The sub-committees included professional consultants, current and alumni parents, faculty, administration, and board members.

During the course of this process, we were reminded that The Windward School is a mission-driven organization committed to being a leader in educating children with language-based learning disabilities. The previous strategic plan, which was developed seven years ago, moved the Board to the realization that opening another campus, the Manhattan campus, was not only feasible but also necessary to answer the demand for more seats. Additionally, the Board’s commitment to professional development and to research-based programs has only become stronger as we continue to expand our outreach to students and to the broader educational community.

Writing the Next Chapter embodies our resolute passion for research-based partnerships, growth in outreach programs to educators, and commitment to providing the absolute best educational program for the remediation of language-based learning disabilities.


Ellen Bowman, President of the Board of Trustees, January 2019

Where we are headed


A world where every child with a language-based learning disability is empowered to achieve unlimited success


Why we exist


Windward is a coeducational, independent day school dedicated to providing a proven instructional program for children with language-based learning disabilities. The multisensory curriculum is designed for students of average to superior intelligence who can benefit from the unique educational experience provided.

Through direct instruction in small class settings, a trained faculty assists students to improve their language skills. Academic success, combined with opportunities for social and emotional growth within an intentionally diverse and inclusive setting, enables students to understand their learning differences, build confidence, and develop self-advocacy skills.

Windward is committed to helping students achieve their full potential in preparation for a successful return to a mainstream educational environment.

To meet these goals, the School provides ongoing training to its faculty based on the most current research and shares its expertise with the parent body, other educators, and the broader community.

What we believe in


A proven, research-based approach

We believe in a comprehensive, scientifically proven, research-based approach. We are consistent, methodical, and predictable.

A diverse and inclusive community

We believe in a caring, nurturing, and empathetic environment where everyone is valued.

A life-changing, transformational program

We believe in teaching our students academic and self-advocacy skills to help them succeed and in empowering parents and guardians to be advocates.

An unparalleled level of commitment

We believe our faculty, administration, and the Board of Trustees should be passionate about language-based learning disabilities and dedicated to our students, our alumni, and their families.

A growth mindset

We believe in impacting the lives of as many students as possible while maintaining our culture and unwavering commitment to research-based approaches.

What We Will Do


The Strategic Plan is focused around the four key strategic areas listed here. We will retain a flexible approach to planning and act opportunistically when needed to help achieve The Windward School’s vision.

Foster leadership

Further enhance the reputation of The Windward School as a pre-eminent leader in the remediation of language-based learning disabilities

By delivering The Windward School’s core messages and values in a way that is well-understood, embraced, and impactful

By engaging current students, alumni, and Windward families as ambassadors and ‘voices’ of success

By maintaining an unwavering commitment to a direct-instruction model and on-going measurement of results

Save more lives by expanding our impact

Provide greater access to The Windward School’s expertise and research on proven ways to remediate language-based learning disabilities

By leveraging The Windward Institute to become internationally recognized as a leader in closing the knowledge gap between proven research and current teaching practices

By partnering with leading research institutions to help improve language and literacy outcomes for children at risk

By expanding supplemental programs for non-Windward students

By advocating for the appropriate way to remediate language-based learning disabilities on the local, national, and international levels

By preparing a new generation of educators and clinicians and empowering parents and guardians to act as advocates

By proactively cultivating a diverse and inclusive community

Employ the highest standards of stewardship

Preserve the highest standards of Board governance and leadership to promote the success of current students and prepare for the next generation of students

By supporting the long-term strategic plan and providing oversight of reputational, operational, and financial opportunities and risks

By recruiting trustees for the Board who strengthen the School by virtue of their diversity, experience, and knowledge

By following Board governance best practices, championing The Windward School’s vision, and maintaining a leadership role in fundraising

Implement a financial plan that supports The Windward School’s vision, mission, and expansion plans

By managing an economic model that balances access to the program with reinvestment and growth in the assets of The Windward School

By supporting strategic initiatives such as The Windward Institute and the Windward Teacher Training Program

By supporting evolving development efforts, including endowment growth, while maintaining financial flexibility

Invest to support growth

Ensure the facilities reflect the quality of the Windward program and dedication to the needs of the students

By investing in state-of-the-art facilities consistent with the Windward program

By addressing the needs of The Windward Institute, the potential demand for new programs, and increased access to The Windward School’s expertise

By employing sustainable practices and demonstrating commitment to neighboring communities

Leverage technology to advance the mission of The Windward School

By evaluating the role and potential benefits of emerging technologies to the Windward experience

By ensuring that technology enhances communications within the School and the broader educational community

By providing reliable, seamless, and secure technology experiences for all constituents

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