Carbon Dioxide-Oxygen Cycle By:Lauren Smith

Photosynthesis is a process that not only helps plants make their own food,but give animals and humans oxygen to breathe.

Carbon dioxide and oxygen are gasses in our atmosphere.Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and animals need oxygen to breathe. One reason the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle is so important is that plants give us oxygen to breathe.

Plants give animals and humans oxygen.

Oxygen is one of the gases in our atmosphere to help us survive. Plants also make their own food, when the plants make their own food they can grow and produce fruit, vegetables and more.

These gases cycle through plants and animals over and over again. It is so important for us to conserve,protect, the plants and trees around the world.


Animals breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle is crucial to the survival of plants,animals,and humans. Without it, we could not remain alive.


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