SAVION GLOVER A famous tap dancer

Life as a kid

Savion Glover was born on November 19,1973 in Newark,newJersey.

When he was born

When Savion Glover is a tap dancer

Savion Glover is a tap he is on a show called s street when you lock at this photo this is when he was a 13 or 14 years old.And when he got older and older he became a famous tap dancer.

When he was on the show seame street.
Him practicing

Savion Glover's life

In 1980 Savion begins to playing drums with the band three plus.In 1982 Savion begins studyind dance at the Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan.

His town

What he said

Savion Glover said if i have anything to do with it ,tap is going to keep growing. It's going to have it's proper place at last.

Him talking

Some people like him

Some people like Savion Glover because they love tap dancing and dancing so fast so they became some tap dancers.So people stared tap dancing around the world.


When you watch this video. And then you will know why Savion Glover is a famous tap dancer.


His career is being a tap dancer. And he is still alive right now.

Feinstein, Stephen. Savion Glover. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow, 2009. Print.

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