Revolutions In Technology By Caroline Campbell

Past: The Industrial Revolution


People needed to get better ways to communicate and to travel

We were just discovering the secrets of coal and iron, and how to use it to our benefit.

Some countries have plenty of money to help with the revolution

There were more people which made for new jobs. Some peasants were getting kicked off land, so they went to the city to work.

Technological Develpoments

"Innovation almost always is not successful the first time out. You try something and it doesn't work and it takes confidence to say we haven't failed yet. … Ultimately you become commercially successful." - Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor

Some new machines were being made for the revolution. They were being made out of wood and iron and being powered by the new steam engine.

Machines were being used for the making of cloth.

The Flying Shuttle

The flying shuttle helped the weaving process

The spinning Jenny

The spinning Jenny helped the spinning process

The water frame

The water frame uses water to speed up the spinning process

Railroads powered by steam engines by steam engines helped power people to make new ways to get around

Canals were made for boats to get places easier. They were man made rivers. It helped move large quantities of items around

Steamboats were used to help go up river instead of going down. It could take passengers or cargo

When cars came around turn pikes or toll roads were invented, so people would have to pay to continue on the road.

Positive And Negative Effects On Society

Because of such improvements, there were positive and negative impacts on society. Some were good to people, and some were not getting such good luck

Positive Impacts

People got jobs to help families that needed money, but couldn't have the whole family working in a factory.

There were new inventions that made travel easier and more efficient.

Cities expanded

Negative impacts

Cities got overcrowded

The Cotten factorie air was hard to breathe in and would cause certain things to happen.

Children were working in factories because they had jobs that adults couldn't do and only a child could do.

Present: The Digital Revolution


People needed a way to connect better, and to have a better way to get a hold of someone or a group of people, without writing a 12 page letter every time.

We were evolving quickly and needed something that would evolve to keep up with us.

Some factors are that the technology was new, and people were figuring it out, and making it better and more advanced. It could change and keep up with our digital needs

Technological Developments

Some things that came out of the digital revolution are smartphones, personal computers, cameras and computers in cars, and in the near future, Self driving cars.

These digital revolutions are so complex that the only way to explain them is if you were a person that built one of the many devices.

A smartphones purpose is to communicate to others and to be able for us to share things for other people to see.

Personal Computers let us create more complex documents and projects and still be able to share things with others.

Cameras and computers in cars help us to get to where we need to go, and to still be connected and able to talk to people while driving. A camera in a car to help back up, in the industrial revolution would be absurd.

Positive And Negative Effects On Society

"When you brought the digital revolution in, all of a sudden, you could build a country like Singapore and take that country, which had the income per capita of Ghana in 1965, and make it something similar to the United States in one generation". -Juan Enriquez

Most things coming out of the digital age are positive. They are creating jobs and making it easier for us to do our jobs. The negative impacts are not yet here, we have not experienced some bad things that have yet to come. But there are negative things here already that companies tend to overlook.

Positive Impacts

We can communicate in different ways instead of one simple way that sometimes didn't work.

There are different ways to connect to social media or to internet or get ahold of friends that you haven't seen in a long time

You don't have to send long letters explaining the last two years of your life to a relative you have never heard about.

Negative Impacts

They are super expensive. Some people can't afford the newest iPhone or the latest Samsung device.

They can break. If it is dropped or enough pressure is put on devices or computers they can break, screens can crack and it is expensive to repair

Things can happen to them. Not all phones and tablets are water resistant, so if you spill something on it and it is not put in rice then it can stop working

Future: Space Travel/ Exploration


Discovering ways to find more habitable planets and why they are not already habitats to living creatures. Don't know because we only explored certain planets. There could be more out there that we don't know about.

It will happen whenever they decide to explore up there and they will create a plan and build a machine to go up where we can't go for right now.

It has to be something NASA will be interested in doing and spending the time and money on it.

Some factors in this happening are when we are wanting to know and have the time and money to put into a big program and huge project that can take years.

Another factor is if people are willing to create more jobs and o help create the program to start off the process and get the program going so we can find out more about space

Technological Developments

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and his feelings as something separate from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of consciousness".- Albert Enstein.

To go places that we have never gone before would require technology to help. A satellite or rocket ship to explore the area and tell us what we are looking at. What are we dealing with.

Some advancements that would come out in the future are new space shuttles that can withstand longer time periods in space, adjusting to different atmospheres. More communication with earth. Less blackouts.

No one knows how they would work, because they have not been built or invented yet. Maybe someone is working on plans right now.

The purpose is unknown because all of this will happen, but no one knows when or what we will do or what it will do for us.

Positive And Negative Effects On Society

Space travel will have many ups and downs, literally. We can have things go well, and things can go really really bad.

Positive Impacts

People will see things that we had no idea existed. We wIll get more jobs

Astronauts will go into space to explore areas unknown to us

We will get some really good photos

Negative Impacts

Explosions will happen and they can injure people

We could be in the middle of a plan and some things will go horribly wrong

No government funding for the program

All of it will turn out in the end. No matter if it is the industrial revolution or digital revolution or the start of another space age. It will all turn out okay

The End


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