PHOTOS: Mission Bears persevere over the cardinals at home

The JV football team lost to the Mission Bears on Thursday, Oct 3. The game began with a Mission touchdown immediately after kickoff. Shortly after the game started both teams scored, however this neck and neck action did not last long, as Mission started to run away with the game, out scoring the Cardinals in the first quarter. The Cardinals put up a good fight, but for every five yards they gained, Mission pushed back by 10. At the end of the second quarter the Cardinals were lagging behind, but after an uplifting half time they were ready and raring to go. During the second half, the Cardinals slowly crept up to a 22 point cap, and the game ended with another Bears touchdown, bringing the final score to 22-38. The Cardinal’s next game will be a face off with the Lincoln Mustangs on Oct. 25, here at Lowell.

Mission Bears triumph over the Lowell Cardinals at their fifth game of the season. Photo by Lauren Caldwell.
Lowell cardinals set up to take a kick for the one point conversion. Photo by Lauren Caldwell.
The Players head to their halftime talk. Photo by Marlena Rohdee
Left: Mission's #7 player makes a run into Lowell's defensive line. Photo by Justin Yang Right: A Mission Bear's player is tackled into the end zone. Photo by Lauren Caldwell.