The dilemma of Otzi's THE ICEMAN'S death By: Matteo k

Otzi found in the ground

Otzi,that is the name scientists decided to call the remains of a human body mummy found on the Ötztal Alps. Seems fitting right? Otzi was found September, 19, 1991, by Helmut and Erika Simon. These two were hiking in on the Ötztal Alps in northern Italy beside Austria when they came across a unique spectacle. Sticking out of the glacier was the head and torso of the soon to be Otzi. Otzi was taken out of the ice along with his belongings, ax,bow and arrows,dagger and more and were sent to labs and museums all over the world. There Otzi was carbon dated along with his tools and it turns out that he is 5,300 years old! The tools that the scientists found are very useful for scientists to see how the people like Otzi lived and what they lived with all those years ago. Otzi is very special because he is the oldest mummy found in ice and preserved so well. Otzi is also very important, this is because he gives us lots of insight into the world 5,300 years ago and he helps us with understanding human body's. But there is of course one dilemma that no one can figure out, how did Otzi die?

Otzi slideshow

This is Otzi from the top

You can see Otzi's chest well here

This is the back of Otzi and his spine

This is a great front view of otzi's face

Here you can see his arm and head from a different angle


There are lots of theory about how Otzi died but I believe that there is a clear theory that makes much more sense than the rest. Otzi must have died from a human sacrifice ritual. This is the most plausible theory in my opinion and many scientists have come up with lots of details into how this is so. The remains of Otzi were found on the Otztal Alps, but more specifically between the two highest mountains in the region. This area used be an area where the people of that region would make sacrifices to their mountain gods. Throughout history people have been sacrificed in these types of places in the mountains so it would make sense if Otzi was one too. Also sacrifices in that area would be buried with tools such as the ax he had. This of course means that he was part of a sacrifice. Also if he was killed or murdered the killer most likely would have taken the valuable things that Otzi had on him such as the ax. But it stayed with him. This means that there was no killer and he bled out because of a sacrifice. The trench he was in was a great place to be buried so it made sense why he was there. Also if he wasn’t buried in a trench intentionally it would be much less likely that he would have been preserved as well as he was because if he died on the snow he would have rotted. With all this evidence it is a no brainer how Otzi died.

Otzi's important ax

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