Contact sports vs non Contact sports

Wrestlers beginning to battle (image form

The fist sport ever to be created was wrestling which is a contact sport. it was introduced between 100-200 BC and was later the main event of the Olympic games in 760 BC. it is said that in every contact sport there is some form of wresting in it. although wresting is not the only contact sport in today's era sports like football,boxing, ice and field hockey,soccer and basketball. these sports are the most popular globaly then non conctact sports such as. swinming,running,rowing,sailing, and tennis.

Swimming _(Picture from

Above is a picture of a non contact sport such as swimming. majority of non contact sports are are won based off time of the athletes performance of using strength or being physical like contact sports. non contact sports are usually speed related and are a race against the clock.

Alabama University weight room (picture from google).

Although weight lifting is practiced in every sport. Weight lifting is essential in contact sports. In contact sports athletes are battling for positioning all the time weather its the field,the ice, basketball court or wrestling mat.lifting weights is essential to give you that edge over the opponent when battling strength on strength. As opposed to non contact sports that focus more on speed and endurance.

Passing the Baton (picture form Spark.Adobe)

Just because track is a non contact sport doesnt mean its not one of te hardest sports mentally and physically. track runners are the fastest humans on the planet. with that being said it takes years of dedication and strenuous workouts to become faster by .1 of a second. if wrestling is the hardest sport to play in my opinion track has to be the second hardest.

Nate Diaz celebrating a win (picture from

Mixed Martial arts is currently the fastest rising sport in the world. i think it is that way because everybody wants to see something brutal. these guys put there body in the lines everyday to fight and entertain fans. mixed martial artist are today's Greek warriors.

Tiger Woods with chip shot (picture From Spark.Adobe)

Golfing is called an ageless sport.when playing golf you not competing against the clock or using strength or speed to beat out the opponent. in golfing your using expertise,knowledge, and patience. Your mainly looking at mother nature and playing with nature then against it. Golf is one of the only sports that doesn't rely on athleticism or lots of movement.

Twerking (picture by google)

Contrary to popular belief dancing is a sport. most people like myself would consider dancing a hobby, or activity. however dancing is considered sport because they compete use stamina and gain muscle. when review the reasons why people think dance is a sport i somewhat agree but its hard for me to give them a pass through the eye test

Kobe Bryant about to flush a dunk. (picture from Adobe)

The sport of basketball has evolved.the modern day baskeball is much more "soft" or non contact then it used to be. At first it would be common for refs to allow bloody noses etc. on players to stay int he game. the refs use to allow fouls to be mush harder which made for it to b much harder to score. nowadays just the simplest touchin basketball will be called a foul. that why small players like Stephen Curry are allowed to play that way now because they sport is not physical anymore.


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