A MuSKy Adventure minnesota fishing

Big Flies on 10 Weights

It's an opportunity offered few; two guys inviting a stranger into the fold. After a four hour flight and a three hour drive, I found an unmarked camp sight, gave a hand shake, and hit my pillow.

Morning barely arrived. Car doors slammed and the boys were up, ready for the float. This was not an unknown body of water and these guys were not going to be beaten to the "put-in". That is a generous description. They were experts at dropping their Towee off the 50-foot ledge.

We fished hard banging both banks with heavy rods all day. Fish were caught. Huge fish were seen. The suckers, called "Red Horse" had the predators chasing throughout the float. The day was such a success we did it again.

Great photos from Nick Anderson.
While in Minnesota, a 12-year old girl had her foot demolished while paddle boarding.

Toothy Art

The journal is a small reflection of the trip, and the painting below is the remembrance of the color and feel for the great animals. There's so much to that little fishery that I'll never know, but the short trip showed me a part of the world I am lucky to have seen. Simply, I can't wait to go back.

I can't thank Nick and Andrew enough. This truly was a trip of a lifetime. As a guy who gets to do some fun stuff, you guys threw the "Minnesota Nice" at me and I am grateful.

"Musky Lounge". 5 Feet, Acrylic and Ink on Board



Created with images by DavidComp - "Muskies bite!" • BobbbyLight - "The world's largest fiberglass muskie."

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