Home, Heart, & Soul Miss Emma cromwell

My Home.
My Heart
My Soul.
They each belong somewhere their own.
My Home is Dallas,
Home of the Dragons
The place of Dutch Bros
And Friday Night Lights.
My Heart is with my family, the people who raised me.
Mom, with her loving smile.
And Dad, always cheering me on.
My People, My Heart.
My Soul belongs to London,
Where my wanderlust began.
Big Ben rings throughout,
The Rayner’s Lane Tube Station gives me chills.
My Soul belongs to London, even still.


Created with images by Jessica Lewis - "A friend was looking for heart images for Valentine’s day… so I made a heart out of coffee beans. Lots of natural light comes in through our big windows in the kitchen - I love how the light hits the beans in this shot!" • makenzie cooper - untitled image • Rex Wholster - "The Polk County Courthouse in Dallas, Oregon" • Rex Wholster - "Rendering of a green highway sign for Dallas" • kalieshalayne0 - "coffee espresso caffeine" • James Newcombe - "Big Ben" • PublicDomainPictures - "capital england famous" • Veliko Karachiviev - "Tower Bridge" • Ichigo121212 - "phone booth telephone public" • paulohabreuf - "london street phone" • Mariana Alves - "London" • PublicDomainPictures - "britain england english"