Assasins and Templars: The Never Ending War By: Jackson Munro

It's 2248 and the world has never been better. After the most recent war with the alien race of the Falmer, the world realized that there were more important things to worry about in the universe than their own petty problems. Sadly the world is now smothered in anti-alien defenses like 3 story laser cannons and drones that carry lightning swords and laser grenades.

The only person who could be profiting from these unnecessary defenses is a man by the name of Jacques De Molay. He is the one who came up with defenses and is the “hero” of the war. But there is something the people don't know about him, he started an organization called The Knights Templar. These are ruthless people who want to control the world. They wear white robes or armor with a Red Cross on it. But the Grand Master wears a black robe. Molay thinks the only way to control the world is to find real power, and destroy their most problematic enemy. The Assassins.

Meanwhile the Assassins were having a tough time keeping their brotherhood together. Their leader Altaïr Al-Maahad couldn't keep his mind off the growing problem of the Templars.

Altaïr had a troubled childhood. Not knowing how his mom died his dad was never home. He was forced to stay with a foster family that treated him like an outsider. One day Altaïr thought to himself I can't take it anymore, I'm going to run away from home and go and find my dad. As Altaïr was looking for him he saw a sign that looked like a blade inside another blade. Then Altaïr remembered something his dad told him as a child, “If I'm ever gone for too long and you want to find me, follow the blades.” Obviously Altaïr had no idea what it meant at the time but know he understood. In order to find his dad he would need to follow this sign!

When Altaïr found his dad it was like Christmas. He thought to himself I finally did it! I found my dad and know I can be happy again. He found him in a secret hideout with a bunch of other, his dad called them Assassins, and was so happy he couldn't take it.

Over the next few years Altaïr learned what it was like to be an Assassin. Sadly his dad was on his deathbed and called Altaïr in to speak with him.

“Son, you are the one who will be leading the Assassins for here on out.”

“What no! I can't I'm not ready!”

“Yes you are son. So honor me and end our war between the Templars. It's your job now, I am passing the torch to you. Do not fail.”

Altaïr’s dad died that day, but because of his dad’s final words whenever he thinks about him he is inspired and knows he will never give up. Altaïr couldn't do it alone though, thankfully he had his best friends Ezio and Christina to help get through these tough times.

A couple days past, and Molay had an idea to destroy the Assassins once and for all. He remembered something from the war with the alien Falmer, he remembered that the higher ranked aliens used artifacts called Pieces of Eden. Theses things were supposed to have some sort of supernatural ability. If Molay could find one of these artifacts, the Assassins wouldn't stand a chance. Molay called in his inner circle of Templars to discuss this idea.

"Brothers and sisters, you all know of the growing problem of the Assassins, correct?”

“Yes sir,” they all said in unison

“I recently came upon some information on where the King of the Falmer was buried and we're going to go there,” informed Molay.

“What? What is that necessary?” Arno questioned.

“Yeah it makes no sense,” added Kayla.

“An ancient artifact is rumored to be buried there and we're going to find it, May the Father of Understanding Guide Us,” instructed Molay. No one ever dared to oppose Molay so the Templars set out to the location of the dead Falmer King.

In the secret hideout of the Assassins Altaïr received word that a Piece of Eden was inside a burial chamber of the Falmer King and the Templars were after it. This was a problem. Altaïr has been looking for a Piece of Eden for a long time and he also knew how dangerous it could be in the hands of the Templars. The Templars only want it for their own gain and power and Altaïr couldn't let that happen. Altaïr knew what had to be done, he and his other Assassins would go to the site and stop the Templars and end the war once and for all.

Molay and the Templars made it to the location. What they found there was quite disturbing, instead of finding the King’s body they found a secret vault. It took a while but they finally opened it and entered. When they got inside they looked around. The vault seemed to be as big as the titanic but the ground was littered with dead Falmer carcasses. The air smelled like horse manure and there was a faint glow coming from a throne. Molay got a closer look and realized it was the dead Falmer King. In his hands are a glowing sword with ancient markings on it and in the other hand there are three books written in an ancient language. Suddenly there was a loud BOOM!

Molay knew that the Assassins must have arrived. He grabbed the sword and tested it out. He swung and the sword shot gold energy out of it and the energy completely disintegrated the ceiling. It rained ashes. The sun hurt Molay’s eyes but now he knew he was unstoppable. He has the Piece of Eden. As Molay was distracted an Assassin broke away from a Templar’s grasp and threw 4 smoke bombs, that's when Altaïr entered the vault. As Altaïr entered it was complete chaos down below. He jumped down and joined the fight. Immediately he knew that they were outmatched, the Templars were the most skilled fighters they've ever gone up against and not to mention, Molay had the Piece of Eden.

Altaïr saw his friends Ezio and Christina fighting together so he joined them. The fighting kept going for a while but the Templars weren't built for really long fights so Molay realized he might lose. Luckily for him the Piece of Eden had another trick up its sleeve, Molay summoned a protective sphere around himself that disintegrates anything that passes through.

Now all that relamían were Altaïr, Christina, Ezio and Molay. Molay laughed. “Even though you killed most of my elite warriors, I called my whole army here, they'll be here any minute.” Altaïr needed to think of a plan. Thankfully Ezio had an idea.

"Maybe if I distract him enough he'll take his focus off the shields and you'll be able to penetrate it.”

“No way, he'll kill you, I'm not losing any more friends,” Altaïr responded.

“You know it's the only, way and remember the Creed.”

The three of them said the following words that make up the Creed.

"We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted." Those were Ezio’s last words. He ran up to Molay as Altaïr and Christina snuck around behind him and sure enough Molay killed him but his shield broke, Altaïr and Christina stabbed Molay in the back and that was the end of him. Altaïr and Christina walked over to Ezio's body and said those exact words that were said before.

Eventually Altaïr and Christina got married and had one boy who they named Ezio. What happened to the Piece of Eden though? Are there others out there somewhere? To this day no one knows what Altaïr did with the sword or if there are other Pieces out there. Remember these words though and you may be able to find it:

"We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

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