Single-Pressed Flower Rosin Our next big thing

The beauty of squishing buds is in what you don’t see. The process of extracting rosin from flowers makes it easy to understand why connoisseurs are drawn to this pure form of Cannabis: there’s nothing but flowers, heat and pressure involved. Don’t get it misconstrued: we still love the color, consistency and potency of premium trim run shatter. For a lot of people, our little red envelopes will continue to be the go-to choice for concentrates, because it is so fucking stable, affordable, tasty and easy to dab. For those interested in getting the highest quality possible, though, our Rosin is unbeatable.

Some fire Cookies and Dream

It starts with the flowers, of course. Concentrate can never be better than the Cannabis it comes from and Punch takes pride in sourcing the best available buds. Every step of the process is critically important and we’ve got it down to a science. Without giving away our hard-earned knowledge, let’s just say: timing and temperature matter A LOT. As DJ Khaled would say: these are major keys to success.

Blueberry Muffins Flowers from Four Fathers Farms

Watching the Rosin drip out of the press and run down the parchment paper is like listening to Jimi Hendrix play the guitar: it’s pure fucking rock n roll. Or, in this case: squish and drip. The bubbling oils making their way out of trichomes combining together in a mini flow of molten Cannabis is mind blowing. It’s a simple technology but the magic is in the technique.

Blueberry Muffin Rosin

Thanks to everyone who has been requesting our Single Press Rosin in your local dispensaries. We believe in squishing buds, but without you buying them it’s only going to be a killer form of head stash.

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