Planning is critical to success.
Every Associate/Coordinator at Aflac has 168 hours Per Week, and 40-60 hours/Week goes into growing a team, growing sales, and growing a business.
Some people tend to meander through their week without having clear goals or clear purpose...
While others are focused on their goals and have clear direction.
As leaders --- we must earn the opportunity to lead, coach, and influence our AssociateS ...
This is what MIPS are about.
The planning and coaching that happen during MIPS helps people achiever their monthly income targets and AFame. sales go up.
With clear objectives and a clear plan, people are more focused between 8:00 - 5:00.
This spurs growth in VIP bonuses and New Associate bonuses.
Any this helps you Fame and build a winning AFame culture on your team.
So your question might be ... can effort be coached? Can behaviors be influenced? Can work ethic be shaped?
The Answer.......... Undoubtedly, yes! Effort can be influenced by environment and leadership.
Your conversations matter. Period. Leadership makes the difference.
MIPS give you that edge ..... Use the E.D.G.E model during mips to Move them to the next level.
Engage: earn trust and build credibility. What is your personal brand as a Coordinator and as a leader?
Discover: others-centered leadership. Ask good questions. Have curiosity. Demonstrate that you Care about their family. Lead them to set an income target and/or a goal.
Guide: with the clear income people will lean in!! Review O.E. opportunities and new account opportunities in their pipeline that will create a "W" for their income this month. Help them arrive at their own conclusions about what needs to happen, and build consensus on a winning game plan.
Execution: this is every other day of the month... where the magic happens. once the Associate's goal and plan are in place, it's imperative for the leader to follow up and follow through. This is the positive Communication and Accountability that helps your Associate win the day, win the week, and win the month.
Your sales will go up as you help your Associates acheive their monthly income goal.
All in all... you can influence effort as a leader/coach. Leverage the power of monthly planning and MIPS to help your Associates win as you lock down sales growth!!!
You will be on the highway to a big bonus!
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Adam Wichmann

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