Unity in Diversity A G.A. NEWSLETTER

General Academics, A New Perspective

An Article by: Marion Jed Bullo

The General Academic strand or more known as the GA strand is one of the four academic strands in the Ateneo Senior High School. As the name implies it combines aspects of the specialized strands of STEM, ABM, and HUMMS. It is comparable to a jack of all trades from the other strands. Considering this, there is this stereotype given to members of the GA strand that are mostly negative. Such generalizations is that the GA students do not have the mental capacity to be on other strands, or their behavior is very brash. This gives the GA strand a bad representation throughout the campus. The GA strand should be seen in a different perspective. It is a strand that offers flexibility to its students. It is not necessarily a strand just for the undecided, but also a strand for those with a chosen career path, but was not fortunate enough to reach the Quota for their chosen strand. Another way to look into this is that, since the GA strand is a jack of all trades, a student who changes his/her mind about their career path in the middle of the year can easily adjust their bearings unlike the other strands which already specialize in subjects in their own right, so changing in a course that what the student’s heart desires is completely different from what he/she’s strand’s specialty is, then it would be a more difficult task to change to what they truly desire for their future. This is not to demean the other strands which have an advantage in their own right, it is just stating what the GA strand can do for the student’s that are having second thoughts about this strand.

GA Arnis Front

An Article By: Bryan James Gonzales

GA has been stereotyped to be the least intelligent between all four strands but this stereotype is being broken by several GA students. There are times when people forget how much sports inclined GA can get and these boys proved it to them.

An example of this would be Bryan Gonzales (11-Gonzaga) and Gijo De Guzman (11-Gonzaga), both from the Ateneo High Arnis Society (AHAS). Both warriors only joined the org this year. But all the preparation, practice and luck, they won a medal in the 17th International Arnis Champion ship also known as the “Arnis Pasindo Eskrima”. The said tournament was held at the Quezon Memorial Circle at December 11, 2016. This championship invites different schools and teams in order to win and test how well they have trained and prepared for this tournament. The basic way to win is by hitting the enemy first, it needs to be a clear shot and you need 5 points to win. Bryan Gonzales won a Bronze medal for “SPARRING EVENT SENIOR DIVISION (Featherweight / 55-56 kg) – MALE”. While Gijo De Guzman won a Silver medal for “SPARRING EVENT JUNIOR DIVISION 16-17 YEARS OLD (LARGE) – BOYS”.

More brains, than brawn

An Article By: David Adarme

Achievements can be found everywhere. Even the GA strand, known for their image of being sporty, is showing great promise in the field of debate with the likes of Julia Ocoma and Johann Javier of 11-Favre.

Julia Ocoma has been to many competitions in the Philippines and abroad. She participated in IDeA 2 and won the Championship trophy last February 2. As for Johann Javier, he recently participated in the World Scholar’s Cup (Manila Round) which was held in Miriam College last February 5-6. He and his team won two gold medals (Debate Competition, Scholar’s Bowl) and a silver medal (Collaborative Writing).

These achievements prove that the GA strand is very well-versed in activities that require more critical thinking.

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