George Wythe By Jerry lascher

Ship Compass

This is a ship compass. It was used by ship captains to help navigate through the seas on their long journies across the oceans. The compass was used mainly by the British. The compass rose was placed on a gimble to make sure that the compass was always straight so the direction giving could always be accurate. While captains stood on the quarter deck, another crew ate was in the lower deck steering. There was a grate between the two decks in which the captain told the other crewmate to turn the ship in a certain direction. This tool helped ship crews in colonial times get to their final destination.

Hunting Game

This is a game that helped young Native American boys learn how to hunt. The boys would stand a few feet away from the targets, take a shuttlecock, and try to hit or make the shuttlecock go through the target. The targets would represent animals and the stuttlecocks bow and arrows. While the boys learned how to hunt the young girls would watch them and try to decide whether or not the boys would be good husbands. The way that they would decide is if the boys hit (near) the targets, that would mean that they would be able to supply their families with food. This game would help young boys learn how to hunt and eventually supply themselves and their families.


This is a Blacksmith shop. If I ever need an item made of iron and steel would send a slave to the blacksmith's. There, the smiths make shovels, swords, axes, hoes, wheelbarrows, and other iron and steel products. The shop is usually smelling of smoke as the smiths use a forge to soften the metal to create their products. Then the smiths would use a hammer to shape the metal into different shapes for the different products. The way that you would buy an item would be that you would go to the shop, tell the smith what you want, and he would get the item to you as soon as possible. I often purchase items at the blacksmiths such as tools for my slaves to use to garden and kitchen ware like latels and pots to cook.

Wythe House

The picture on the bottom is the Wythe House - my house! It is located on Palace Green Street in Williamsburg, Virginia. The house is made of red brick, and had a cooper and kitchen run by Lydia Broadnax. On top, we see a multipurpose room on the second floor of the top. In hear I could do legal work, teach law, do personal business like pay bills and plan dinner parties, and really anything I needed to do in a nice, quiet space. Some of my favorite items in the room are the quil and ink. I like these because you can do so many things with them. You can right down important note (either for personal reasons or for legal reasons), write letters to communicate with friends and family, and so much more!

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