Facebook Optimized setup

Facebook Setup

Facebook is the largest Social Network in the world. Though the setup seems simple, it is far from it. To truly set up for success, you must use all the given features available to you. Only then will you obtain the upper hand in an already saturated Network.

Not all features are available on app and must be set up on actual websight

You must have your personal profile optimized to take full advantage.

We ensure you have optimal settings and are using all features available for your success.

Beginning with your personal profile, then business page, and everything in between (Contacts, groups, and campaign interests).

Do not forget, everyone wants likes. Who you are following? How you engage is just as important as the initial setup.

Here is a list of things we Focus on during setup.

In no particular order:

Personal profile
It all starts with your personal profile, interests, contact lists, and obtimal visibility settings.
Link connections
Finding your current audience, personal, and business contacts.
Contact lists
Creating lists from your contact groups
Using groups to find your target and competitors
Business pages for your services, products or campaigns, and following your audience and Industry's pages.
Don't miss out on networking and personal events or create your own
Maximize your reach
Competitor monitoring
Stay steps ahead and monitor your competitors
Creating scheduled posts for peek viewing
Make sure important notifications are going to the right sources
Personalized birthday posts and messages
Facebook LIVE
Going live is vital. You can go live once a day to build your AUDIENCE, hire talent to do it or get special software for live polling.
Facebook stories
Stories are the avenue for consistency across platforms.
Messenger groups
Messenger is one of three ways to communicate with facebook amazing group and merchant features.
Whatsapp broadcast lists
Whatsapp is owned by facebook. It is the leading chat platform worldwide. Thus, creating a broadcast list from groups that allows personalized group messaging.
Instagram integration
There is no versus here. These are one in the same, setting up ads and pages which completely integrate with Instagram.
Variety of call to actions
Call to actions will directly link your audience to a contact, purchase, page, etc.
Facebook store
Option to open a Facebook store
Facebook places
Allows you to search via a direct area of interest
Facebook advertising
Once you are set up, you can create, budget, and launch advertisements.
Link building within Facebook
Endless links you can show
Setting up all mobile apps
Monitor, use, and manage Facebook features from mobile apps.
Scheduling engagements
To create and build your audience you must engage, like, share, and interact.
With 1.9 billion users and 500,000 daily accounts opened, Facebook is the largest social network.

Facebook is a huge part of your online presence

Here are some of the details we handle:

  • Call to action
  • Verify your page
  • Privacy settings
  • Tabs
  • Services
  • Offers
  • Videos
  • Notifications
  • Groups

We got you covered

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Roly Daniel

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