Self-Exhibit 1 Note Taking Strategies


The purpose of this self-designed exhibit is to modify my note-taking skills and determine whether or not this will improve my grade and/or my study techniques with the notes.

Before new note taking process:

My current note taking process is on my computer. While my computer distracts me and I may browse from time to time on various websites during class, typing on my computer allows me to take the notes down more quickly.

New Note Process:

  • Hand-written notes inside of my 3-ring binder
  • Date and number of page in the upper right hand corner
  • Title of notes
  • Highlight/underline important topics and ideas
  • Record lecture and fill in empty spaces if notes are missing


The new note-taking process listed above will be taken in my Philosophy class. However, I will continue to take notes on my computer in Microeconomics. The main objective of this exhibit is to compare grades in this class to determine which note-taking process is best for me.

Philosophy Notes from 1/24
Econ Notes taken on computer

Grades IP for Each Class:

  • Econ - 73
  • Philosophy- 91


After conducting this experiment, I have concluded that taking hand-written notes is more beneficial. I learned through this experiment that when I take hand-written notes I learn the material way more thoroughly. Also, when taking hand-written notes if I miss a certain slide or something my professor said, this made me ask more questions and become more involved in class. However, when I was taking notes during lecture in Econ I was absent minded and not connecting with the material. This obviously made it more difficult to study for the exams and is why I am doing poorly in this class. Taking hand-written notes really makes you able to concept what is important and what isn't important. But, when you are just typing what you see on a PowerPoint you aren't trying to decide the important concepts, you are just typing. Before I began this exhibit, I honestly thought I would do better with the computer notes because you are able to jot down more notes. However, with recording the lecture and taking notes during class, I was able to go back after class and fill in any blanks that I had missed writing down. This also gave me an opportunity to hear my professor again and connect certain ideas after already learning the material. Overall, I recommend everyone to begin to take hand-written notes and watch your performance in class increase!


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