Grasslands Veldt-South Africa

Climate of Veldt

  • Average Rainfall Max: 30-35 in
  • Average Rainfall Min: 10-15 in
  • Average Temperature Max: Highveld 65 °F, Lowveld 80 °F
  • Average Temperature Min: Highveld 45 °F, Lowveld 60 °F
  • The Veldt is located in Southern Africa, has 4 seasons (but are flipped from ours)

Net Primary Productivity

  • One of the least amount of kilocalories per square meter per year and per day
  • Almost 1/4 of the Earth's surface
  • 30° S, 22° E (South Africa)

Soil Quality

Low soil fertility

The European Wasp

It was accidentally introduced (it migrated down to South Africa)

Black Rhinoceros

This species is endangered because they are hunted for their horns. The part of HIPPCO this is is overharvesting.


Lions are easily adapted to this area because they can easily blend in and hunt down prey


Cheetahs also blend in and they are also very fast (the fastest animal on the planet), this allows them to easily catch prey


The Oryx are prey for Lions, Cheetahs Leopards, etc. They can blend in though and attack with their horns.

Plants in the Veld Biome (of South Africa)

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