Discipline BY:Maria Shickel

How many of you enjoyed being disciplined as a child?

Discipline is vital because it helps the child learn how to have a more positive character. Parents do not want their children growing up to misbehave and rebel against authority. Many children who have grown up always getting their way will struggle when their boss one day asks them to do a task they do not want to do.

Discipline is also crucial because it effects the way children interact with the people around them. For example, when children get punished for not listening to their parents this is teaching them that they need to listen to what the people around them are saying and respect what they are requesting of you.

Many do not think that they can discipline their child and still have a good relationship with the child. This is far from the truth. Even though the child may not enjoy the punishment that you have to give them, they will still love you. As time goes on the parents will always be the parents, the ones the child will cling to.
Although discipline is a necessary action, it is not a fun one. Parents do not enjoy having to punish their children. However, this is one way that parents can show their children from a young age, that they love and care for them. Many children will not realize it when they are young, but they will grow to appreciate it as they get older and possibly start having kids of their own.


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