Birmingham Riots By: Aleeza Bacchus

The Birmingham riot of 1963 was a civil disorder in Birmingham, alabama was provoked by the bombing on may, 11, 1963 which what caused riots to happen in the first place. the bombings targeted black leaders of the Birmingham campaign. protest for racial justices.

Over the next couple months, the peaceful demonstrations would be met with violent attacks using high-pressure fire hoses and police dogs on men, women and children alike.

It would be the beginning of a series of lunch counter sit-ins, marches on a City Hall and boycotts and boycotts on downtown merchants to protest segregation laws in the city.
In the church bombing four black girls were killed and at least 14 others blacks were injured, sparking riots and a national outcry. In all, at least 20 black people are injured from the initial bombing and the ensuing riots. Not only black people died at the church but they were all against for them for all the Birmingham Riots.
However, some white leaders, including the city’s powerful commissioner of Public Safety Bull Connor, who had used dogs and firehoses against demonstrators, denounced the agreement and suggested that they might not enforce its provisions.
They faced a lot of obstacles like they were getting beat down by police, dogs, fire hoses, desegregation, violence, the church bombing. They got over these obstacles by keep on protesting and not giving up. Now matter how hard they had to fight for their rights.
However, this is still going on till this day some black people are still being bash on even from policies some think they don’t have the same rights as we do and that’s terrible. Where the blacks are still targeted.
Black Lives Matter is a protest for the same rights blacks get and it relates perfectly to this Civil Rights Event it’s a support protest for blacks who get killed and bashed on by cops or anyone. It’s a black liberation movement.

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