Excellence through our diversity Southside High School

We represent 11 nations, and we speak 28 different languages.

We are a team of over 700 individuals

Some of the lives touched...Teachers, staff and students

Gathered at one neighborhood school in a surprising location.

"Tiger Nation Roars! Southside is the BEST SIDE!"

- Camile Barnes

Together we achieve academic excellence.

Our International Baccalaureate Program is the oldest in the state, offering the most challenging curriculum in the county and a springboard to the finest universities in the World.

Our teachers are committed to enhancing the lives of every student in the classroom...

...and in the field!

We celebrate our athletes!

Our basketball team has won three state championships.

Coach Beasley has changed lives on and off the basketball court.

He also teaches Driver's Ed.

"I came out of retirement to teach here. It's really important to me" - Coach Beasley

History brings context.

Champions are trained and guided.

Passion makes a difference.

Hard work is just what it takes!

"Find your limits and push past them!"- Coach Beasley

The Southside High Cross Country team is one big family!

Meet the Smiths, our dedicated Cross Country coaches.

We are SOUTHSIDE High School


in Greenville, SC

This is just the beginning...

Go Tigers!