Animal Cruelty for The love of pets

Animal abuse happens everyday and has been for a long time. It's a practice that harms innocent animals and can cause them long term problems like anxiety and depression

Since in the 12th century they have had dog fights as entertainment. The Romans found dogs to attack the native Britons. This is an issue because most animals have not done anything to deserve being tortured or made to fight for humans. The average number of animal abuse cases reported in the media each year is 1,920, and 60% of those animals are dogs.

”It has been months since the last bull fight, which many believe it should've been the last bull fight.” The article discusses the growing amount of Hispanics who see bullfighting as a “cruel and outdated ritual” bullfighting is two bulls fighting to the death.

Animal abuse is a sign of a family in trouble. In situations like divorce, parents will take their anger out on children and/or animals. “ Nearly half of the victims who stay in violent households do so because they are afraid for their animals. Countless more never leave the home for this very reason.”

“A Dog's Purpose” has put the spotlight on the use of animals in film and television production. It's an issue acutely relevant in B.C. [British Columbia], as the provincial government appears willing to allow local productions to use animals from suppliers facing animal cruelty allegations."They put a dog in turning water and nearly let the dog drown.

The opposing view is that animals can be treated however their owner would like to treat them. The owner has authority of their animal but still needs to treat the animals respectfully.

Producers need to take animals out of television if they are not going to give them their rights.


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