Appreciation Of Nature created by chenye ,wanwen ,wanshan

The sunlight passes through the cloud cover,shines at the blue and calm sea, giving a beautiful scene.SUN,is the most important resource for human ,it provides us with heat energy to keep us warm,as well as for the plants and animals.Sun is the resource that makes our earth become a lively planet. Without sun,all of us would not be able to survive , Thus , we must appreciate the sun, which plays the most important role in our daily life.
Sunset,the sunlight slowly disappear at end of the horizon, Afterglow lightening the sea ,make up a magnificent view, that looks pretty. We took this photo as it shows a calm and wide sea, this shows how huge the sea that we have on earth. Sea is the biggest water resource. It is home of the marine organisms,deep under the sea,there is a marvelous world. It provide human with plenty of resources , hence,we should appreciate sea as it occupies the largest part of the nature.
A coconut palm appears in the photo,the greenish leaves,the straight tree stub.Blocking the fierce heat of the sun.It provide a comfortable place for people to rest .And also as part of the landscape.Trees,the lungs of the earth.They gives us oxygen, store carbon dioxide.Trees also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter .Trees, it is also an important factor to protect our environment,maintain a beautiful and clean place for us.With trees,we protect the sea from being polluted, it also protected our water resource---sea. We know how important is tree important to us ,thus,we should appreciate this natural resource-sea
Plenty of white flowers, with a girl's hand ,holding one of the flowers carefully .They are liked ornament of the grass, bringing a beautiful scene to us.The picture shows a actively scene,which the flowers swinging slowly in the breeze and looked vivid. Flowers provide food to the insects,and they play an important role in the food chain .Besides, flowers also make our earth a beautiful planet. We should appreciate flowers as they are an important part of our environment.
orange clouds are floating in the sky when there is in dusk,a nice signal of nightfall .we choose to take the photo as it make us feel comfortable and peaceful and we appreciate its presence in nature. we should appreciate clouds,as they efficiently reflect light to space and thus contribute to the cooling of the planet.Thus,we can enjoy a small temperature range during day and night .Cloud cover thus plays an important role in the energetic balance of the atmosphere and a variation of it is a consequence of and to the climate change expected by recent studies.
river-the surrounding buildings reflect in the Singapore river,making the night more colorful and lively.we choose to take the photo as besides it is the famous landmark in Singapore,it is also the one of water resources that provide us the usage of water for citizens’basic need and helps in development of the fishery industry in Singapore . the clean water ensures that people have safe water to drink and enough water supply to use.we should appreciate the river as it provides us a convenient and comfortable living environment in Singapore.
The pinwheel is rotating quickly due to wind energy.we choose to take the photo as it shows how the windmill works and provide electricity in our daily lives .We should appreciate wind,as wind can be used to do work. The kinetic energy of the wind can be changed into other forms of energy, either mechanical energy or electrical energy. -windmills have been used for centuries to pump water from low-lying areas. Wind is also used to turn large grinding stones to grind wheat or corn, just like a water wheel is turned by water power.
The rain droplet are pattering on the window,showing an unclear sight of the outside environment.The bustling city implies that the success of modern Singapore is also depended on this natural resource--Rainfall.We should appreciate this natural resource which is one of the most important water resource to support the usage of water by the people.For instance, Rain water can be stored as the water catchment in Singapore, which prevents Singapore from being suffering from water shortage.WITH this picture as the ending photo ,we encourage people to value what the nature provides us, APPRECIATE OUR NATURE!

Main message: Our nature is beautiful and powerful,it provide us myriad of resources that makes our lives comfortable and interesting. we must treasure what we have that given by the nature.To appreciate and protect it.

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