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About me:

I am from the room full of mirrors and bars


The long line of legs in pink tights


The fake eyelash glue in the same box as tape for your broken toes


Hitting the wood floor hard just to get back up and jump again


Flying above everything and everyone


A constant need for applause


Relating sequins to irritated skin not beauty


Perfect legs are bruised and overextended


I am from the stage and the glory

But more importantly

I am from the room full of mirrors and bars

Who am i?

I have been dancing for over 14 years. I have dance experience in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, modern, tap, African, traditional Indian dance, musical theater, salsa dancing, Hawaiian, and acrobatics. Because of my array of dance experience and influence, my personal style of choreography in is very eclectic (much like my personality). My style is a mix between the sharp strong movements that come from hip hope mixed with the fluid light movements of contemporary. I also incorporate very intricate footwork in my choreography as well, which stems from tap.

I started choreographing seriously when I was 15. I have choreographed a hip-hop/ contemporary duet, a hip-hop group piece, a group contemporary piece, and a hip-hop trio. All of these pieces, while very different, showed the theme of strength.

What is the project?

This project is different from my previous work because, while it goes through the journey of finding myself through strength, only the last piece deals directly with that theme. The first dance in this project is the struggle within myself. The second piece is a duet, which shows my vulnerability, and how I looked to find myself in other people. The last piece is where I find my own strength based on self-hope. Throughout this project I want to show that you can always come up from the hole you think you are in. It might not be perfect when you finally feel better, but there is always light within yourself to find. Because my final dance of the project is about freeing myself and accepting my imperfections, it is a focused improvisation. The song has such beautiful, freeing moments that choreographing standard repetitive movements seemed wrong. Creating this project was such a spiritual journey for me that it only felt right to end with my raw creativity.

The piece in pictures

Your sad, and lost, not good enough but at least your pretty right? Right.
You knew you was vulnerable, you knew you had lost control and for a while it seemed like it payed off...until of course it didn't.
And then I realized I had to love myself enough for the both of us. And that's when I started to climb


March 14th, 2017 @ The Williston Northampton School Theater

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Instagram: mrae00

Facebook: Makenna Hambley


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