Number The Stars Kayla Ermish

Chapter 1:

Anmerie and Ellen were racing along the town to practice for the foot race happening in school. But as they were running a soldier made them stop. Also when the got home Ellen's mom was at Anmerie's apartment. Then when they told about the soldiers the parents got really worried. The kids could be in harms way.

Chapter 2:

Anmerie started to tell a story to her sister kristi. It was the little mermaid. When her dad got home he told her about the young boy talking to a soldier. The soldier asked who the man was that rode on the horse was . The boy lied and said it was the king. Papa explained that he would die to protect and king and anmerie agreed and said she would to.

Chapter 3:

When Annemarie, Ellen, and Kristi wanted to go to the button shop to get a button it was closed down. The soldiers started to shut down shops that Jewish own. They want to shut down every Jew because they do not believe they belong here. Also Ellen is Jewish which puts her in a lot of danger.

Chapter 4:

On Friday it is Ellen's family new year. The plan to have a good day but it gets destroyed by the Germany soldiers. They took the list with all the names on them, and Ellen's family is on it.

Chapter 5:

Ellen was staying at Annmarie's house and pretending to be her sister Lise. But durning the night soldiers came to their apartment. The thought the Rosens had been there and they hid them there. When they saw Ellen they asked about her brown hair. The farther showed a baby picture of Lise and proved she had brown hair every since she was born.

Chapter 6:

Ellen and Annmerie went to ucle henrik at the shore. As they were talking a soldier came and question about Ellen. They had to lie to them so Ellen wouldn't get hurt. The soldier then left. Ellen and Annmerie went home scared.

Chapter 7:

The main idea is staying safe with uncle henrike. They must stay near the house in order o keep Ellen safe. Also they must not talk to anyone so they don't find out and tell the Nazi soldiers.

Chapter 8:

As the family was at the house they had to tidy up the place in order to have their Aunts funeral there. They tell anmerie about the aunt and she knows they are lieing. She has heard many stories about family members but she never heard of this aunt. She knows that they are lying. She wants to know why.

Chapter 9:

In this chapter what the family had to do was create a fakefuneral. They lied to their children about there great anunt dying. They had the funeral in their living room and had lots of people come. I think they did this just so they could get Ellen's parents back to the house safely without the Nazi knowing.

Chapter 10:

During this chapter the funeral is still happening. They are faking it though and as the night goes on something scary happens. The German soldiers came marching into to their house and questioned them. They slammed the mom and wanted to open the casket. After the mom lied to them about her dying because of a diese the soldiers left and let them be.

Chapter 11:

As everyone was in the room the opened the casket. Inside there was many coats. Peter took some and handed them to each person. Then he gave the baby a liquid when the mom didn't want him to. Then peter gave mr.rosen a package. Annmerie didn't know what it was but she knew that it was for her uncle.

Chapter 12:

Mama and everyone had left the house to the boat. Annmerie was home alone and started crying she started to think what her papa was doing at 2:30 in the morning. She was thinking of the path her mother was going on and pretended she was walking on it. Then she went with kristi who woke up and asked where mama was. Annmerie didn't answer and started to think of her uncle.

Chapter 13:

It was night and the Rosens had left with uncle Henrikk. But he dropped a very important package. It was small but someone had to get it to them. So mama mad Anmmerie get a basket. She then made her put the package at the bottom and covered it with napkins, cheese, apples, and bread. Annmarie now has to take it to her uncle in the night.

Chapter 14:

Annmarie had to travel on a long path in the dark in order to get th basket to her uncle. She kept thing of the past and memories she had. Then she started telling a story she had told kristi. Little red ridding hood. Anmerie was like her. Traveling trying to get a basket of food to her love one.

Chapter 15:

When anmerie was stopped by the soldiers the had dogs that were starring at the basket she had. They soldiers took the bread and feed it to their dogs. Also they found the package at the bottom. They questioned hEr about it and anmerie said she didn't know. They opened it and say a hanger chief. The soldiers then left and annmerie got the basket safely to her uncle.

Chapter 16:

When Annmerie was at home she was talking to her family. Uncle henrik invited her to come to the barn so they can talk. Annmerie found out that when she went to the boat all the Jews were hiding underneath it. Also she found out they made it to Sweden safely and the Nazi will not invade them. Annmerie was relived and wondered when she will see Ellen again.

Chapter 17:

The war ended two years later and everyone was celebrating. Annmerie was older and still hasn't seen Ellen. She found out the truth of Lise death and peter also died as well. Annmerie went to the chest that had Lise stuff in it and reach in the pocket. She pulled out Ellen's necklace and asked her dad to fix it. Then Annmerie would wear it in till Ellen came home.

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