Reagan's Administration Kara Steele

Economical Aspects

-Supply-side Economics

-Think of a fondue fountain. It trickles down from the smallest bowl, to the medium bowl, to the largest bowl (rich, moderate, poor people).

-Tax break for the rich. More money in their pocket means more money to give to outside companies. Expansion, more jobs for the middle class and poor people. Less poverty!

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Social Aspects

-AIDS: This disease began spreading rapidly. People were highly freaked out. Then they fell on the reliance that it was a 'gay man's disease'. Fear was once again sparked in the hearts and minds of Americans once it was realized that anyone was susceptible.

-War on Drugs: Nancy, the First Lady, started the 'Just Say No Campaign'. It taught the youth of America to say no to drugs and other harmful substances. It brought a lot of awareness to the public.

-Abortion: This was (and still is) a controversial topic. Some women saw it as a step up in the world and them gaining control of their bodies and decisions. Other saw it as pointless murdering of an innocent human being.

-Education: America's government realized that is was lacking in the education department. The Reagan administration stepped in and extended the school day. They also extended the school year so that more hours were spent in the classroom.

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Political Aspects

-Roe vs. Wade: The landmark court case that would make abortion legal. It is still controversial today!

-Nicaraguan rebels: The US is now supporting Nicaraguan rebels. The US got all excited to help these people because they wanted to fight off the socialists. When will we ever learn that jumping in to prevent an idea is only going to lead to trouble? Apparently, never.

-Iran-Contra Scandal: The US government shipped over arms to Iran in hopes to support the Contras (the Nicaraguan rebels). Began as an attempt to free seven American hostages.

-Grenada: This was another attempt to prevent communist rule. These leaders need to stop getting their undies in a wad and move on with their lives. They are so scared of being called a communist that they are willing to chance another Cold War. 🙄

-Panama: The US wanted to stop the flow of illegal drugs. They recognized that drugs were a major issue and needed to be controlled. In order to stop the reliance on drugs, they needed to cut off the supplier. It just so happened to be General Noriega.

Here's a video to recap...


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