People started to get laid off after money became scarce and people couldn't support their family so they had to do whatever it took to provide for their family
This is a picture of the line for Christmas dinner because people don't have much money to pay for things like Christmas dinner. “Although there is some debate about the reliability of the statistics, it is widely agreed that the unemployment rate exceeded 20 percent at its highest point. The severity of the Great Depression in the United States becomes especially clear when it is compared with America’s next worst recession of the 20th century, that of 1981–82, when the country’s real GDP declined just 2 percent and the unemployment rate peaked at less than 10 percent.” This shows that the depression was really bad at its worst point.
This song is about the dust bowl and is by Woodie Guthrie. The Dust Bowl was a place in the Midwest where crops got dried out so the top soil was sent flying in a dust storm.
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