Speaking & Listening Talk/Presentation

Brief description of the task...

Learners will prepare for and deliver a 4 minute talk/presentation to a minimum audience of 3 people.

  • They can select a topic of their own choice! An interest, a hobby, their job... they choose!
  • The presentation needs to be suitable for the audience and well structured. The learner can use notes as prompts.
  • The learner can and should use a variety of strategies to deliver their message.

Let's explore...

Technologies that could be used...

  • Laptops for presentation
  • Ipads/mobile phones for audience participation

Techniques that could be used by the learner...

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images
  • Text - Handouts

Barriers/challenges to embedding digital literacy into this activity...

  • Internet connection issues when delivering.
  • Technology issues (battery/other).
  • Learner may get frustrated by the tool they are using if it is new to them.


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