Follow your mind By: sylvia howell

Dalton and Layne loved each other a lot. Every moment they spent together was cherished by the both. And both thought they were the one.
But Layne was feeling different. Her heart wanted to stay in the relationship, but her mind knew she shouldn't. The relationship was tearing her apart. Dalton would flirt with other women, and be untruthful to her about most things. But for some reason she still loved him. Whenever his attention was on her, she felt like the most special person in the world, she was happy at that one particular moment.
Her friends and family always tell her she can do better, and she knows that. But she still loves him. One day it hits her, she's done. She realizes what she needs to do. It's going to hurt a lot, but it's what is best for her. "I know I will find my true love one day."
"To thine own self be true."


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